McLaren MP4-12C

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Since 2009 the McLaren enterprise became fully independent in terms of its production. It all happened because of serious disagreements with Mercedes corporation. As a result, it the conflict gave birth to a beautiful child of the world of cars – to McLaren MP4. This automobile is extremely light, but at the same time is very strong and has a durable frame made of carbon fiber.

 This car is very appreciated, we daresay – it is admired by many. And it is not for nothing, that many connoisseurs call it a masterpiece of the world of cars. It is McLaren MP4-12C. Is this supercar worth the title? What makes it so special? Let's talk about it.

font-family: verdana, geneva, sans-serif;">Moreover, the frameis monolithic, consisting of a single piece of carbon fiber. The frame weighs only eighty kilograms. The structure of the body also includes polymeric materials, so McLaren MP4-12C is a high-quality, expensive car, and costs accordingly. The supercar weighs much less than its direct competitors – Ferrari and Lamborghini Gallardo cars – and that is a big advantage of the British brainchild.


The car has a 3.8-liter V8-type engine having a dual turbine. The engine is characterized by a maximum power of 600 hp and a torque of 588 Nm. McLaren manufacturers note, that the engine power is ideally combined with the release of carbon monoxide. This powerful engine was developed at the McLaren factorywithout any assistance.

It has a dry sump and is capable of developing up to 8500 rpm and maximum torque figures can be attained starting from 2000 rpm. The British supercar can accelerate to 325 kilometers per hour. It takes only 3 seconds to accelerate from zero up to a 100km/h.

The McLaren MP4-12C has a brake assist Break Steer, helping to slow down fast and well on the turns. The 7-speed transmission and double-clutche system make it a remarquable offer. The vehicle weighs 1435 kilograms. The engine has a power density of 2.4 kilograms per horsepower.


McLaren MP4-12C is available for 230 thousand dollars, and it's worth each cent of it. It is light, solid, a perfect mix of power, top speed and acceleration.